Street vision validation

Newly inspired by Sean Tucker’s story of his struggles with street photography, I took my camera into the streets for the first time with a new perspective. No longer was I chained to the notion that I had to make images that focus on people. Instead, I was freed to follow my own vision of creating visual design from the environment around me.

I was in Cambridge, and I found a spot where the façade of Kings College was reflected in a window in a way that made it difficult to tell whether you were seeing a reflection or seeing through the window. Reflections of people in the window demonstrated that it was a reflection, so I spent some time there trying to capture reflections and juxtapositions that seemed to work.

The images I took are not the greatest in a technical sense, but some of them – shown below – do resonate with what I was trying to do. That feels good because they were made with a clear intention in mind, rather than spontaneous and reactionary like much of my previous street images. Rather than just wandering around, I was focused on a goal, engaged and experimenting. It felt right to my inner artist, and it validates in my mind the different direction I’ve decided to take with street photography.

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