For art’s sake

This blog is essentially a personal journey of discovery, a scrapbook where I file my thoughts, feelings and contemplations on the reasons for and process of artmaking. It’s also my sketchbook for work in progress and experimentation. I hope that letting others into this journey will firstly provide opportunities for interactions that contribute to this journey, and will also provide inspiration and encouragement to others on similar journeys.


Project – Powerful words

Language is uniquely human and has driven our success as a species, but it comes with a major drawback – the power of words to harm our mental health. With this project, I’m making words the subjects of images to explore the power they have over us.

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we make because we are constantly trying to pull Order from Chaos

Sean Tucker, The Meaning in the Making

Street vision validation

Newly inspired, I took my camera into the streets for the first time with a new perspective, free to follow my own vision of creating visual design from the environment. Some of the images resonate with what I was trying to do, and that feels good because they were made with a clear intention in mind.

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Start Ugly – David DuChemin

Beginnings are hard. The first steps of a creative project are full of uncertainties and fear that can stop you from starting at all. If they’re allowed to breed, these fears can leave you lost in a creative desert, not knowing which way to turn to reach civilization. In his latest book, David DuChemin attempts to crush these fears with a simple mantra: Start Ugly.

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