Should – initial idea

Of all the powerful words, one stands above the rest as the most toxic and destructive to our mental health. Should. I like the image of Atlas shouldering the weight of the Heavens as a starting point to represent the power that should has.

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Project – Powerful words

Language is uniquely human and has driven our success as a species, but it comes with a major drawback – the power of words to harm our mental health. With this project, I’m making words the subjects of images to explore the power they have over us.

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Cambridge Colleges – King’s College

The resolve to go ahead with my Cambridge Colleges project finally crystallised – several years after I did the initial drawing – during the COVID pandemic, so lockdowns have prevented me from visiting any colleges. However, among my photography portfolio, I have the above image of King’s Colllege, so I decided to make this the second drawing of the series.

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What is art?

What is art? It’s a big question, but one that any artist needs an answer to. Of course, there’s no definitive answer – it’s all so subjective. Art can be all sorts of things for different people, in different contexts and at different times. But if you want to make art, then the only way you can start and the only way you can know whether you are succeeding is by knowing within yourself what art is for you.

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